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Axcess Coaching

Axcess Coaching is an online sports & fitness training platform that exists to help both youth athletes & adults maximize their full athletic potential and fitness goals.

Axcess Coaching’s innovative training platform is primarily focused on helping youth athletes train at a championship level while also positioning them for opportunities to realize their dreams of playing sports at the collegiate level. The sport-specific programming for youth athletes has been designed by championship-winning strength & conditioning coaches. Additionally, each athlete will have the ability to track and analyze their training using third-party wearable devices integrated within both the Axcess Coaching & Axcess Recruiting platforms.

Axcess Recruiting

The Axcess Coaching team is also currently working to develop a dedicated recruiting platform that will help to significantly increase an athlete’s recruiting exposure, while also helping to significantly improve the recruiting process for college athletic recruiters.

In addition to using proprietary championship strength & conditioning training methods, our athletes will have an advantage over other prospective collegiate athletes by utilizing our Axcess Recruiting platform. Currently, Axcess Recruiting is the only NCAA approved recruiting service that will place a high priority on the recruiters themselves. In doing so, Axcess Recruiting will provide a platform for college athletic coaches to evaluate talent from anywhere around the world based on criteria they wish to use.

Several of the features that will be implemented within the Axcess Recruiting platform, include:

1. Athlete background checks,
2. Social media monitoring of athletes accounts,
3. Ability to analyze hundreds of data points valued by athletic recruiters,
4. Access to athlete data provided from hundreds of wearable devices,
5. Professional evaluations of an athlete in relation to their sport,
6. Sports psychology evaluations for each athlete, and
7. And many additional features & services…

Get Axcess To Sport Specific Championship Level Training

Sport Specific Training

With 40+ customized, sport-specific, online strength & conditioning programs available, we bring out the best in each of our athletes unleashing the champion within.

World Class Coaches

Each of the 40+ sport-specific online strength & conditioning programs offered by Axcess Coaching will be designed and developed by a championship winning coach.

Apple & Android Apps

Axcess Coaching believes every athlete on the planet deserves an opportunity to maximize their athletic potential. Our new proprietary software will help them accomplish this goal.



Chris Ham, Director of

Sports Development

Vanderbilt University

Todd Barbour, Head

Strength and Conditioning

Coach for Olympic Sports

University of Arkansas

Michelle Diltz,

Master Strenth and

Conditioning Coach

University of Alabama

And lots more!

Our Opportunity

Problems Worth Solving


Currently, there is a severe lack of first class, affordable strength & conditioning coaches within the youth sports community. This issue prohibits young athletes from being able to properly prepare for the physical demands of competitive athletic training & competitions. Unfortunately, the lack of proper training programs combined with a lack of understanding on how to properly train usually gives way to injury and inferior performances during competition.


As the cost of getting an education continues to rise, athletes will continue to strive to earn athletic scholarships to help offset overhead expenses while attending college. However, a significant number of youth athletes today who are able to play at a collegiate level have difficulty getting noticed by college coaches and recruiters. Although Axcess has identified multiple inefficiencies related to recruiting youth athletes for collegiate athletics, insufficient recruiting exposure ranks as one of the top prevailing reasons why a significant number of athletes never play a minute at the collegiate level.


Currently, the youth athlete recruiting industry is well behind the times when it comes to utilizing current and upcoming technologies for evaluating athletes. Wearable technologies, expensive sports science testing methodologies and other available data platforms remain largely unused for assessing youth from both a personal and athletic standpoint. With technological advances remaining largely underutilized, college coaches and recruiters will continue to make decisions based on inadequate and limited information. Until both coaches and recruiters have a new method or system for properly developing a 360° personal and athletic profile for each potential recruit, college athletic programs will have to continue relying on inaccurate assessment methods when attempting to plan for their upcoming athletic seasons.

“To better prepare college freshman athletes, Strength & Conditioning Coaches believe hiring high school coaches and personal trainers who concentrate on teaching proper form, developing the posterior chain, increasing athlete work capacity, instruction in appropriate nutrition/recovery, and increasing athletes’ core strength and overall flexibility is vital.”

SOURCE ARTICLE: “How Prepared Are College Freshmen Athletes for the Rigors of College Strength and Conditioning?” in the The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research · April 2014

Our Solutions

Strength & Conditioning Workout Programs

  • Programs written by national & world championship winning strength & conditioning coaches
  • Bodyweight & weight-driven workouts
  • Inseason, Offseason & Preseason workouts will be offered for 40+ sports
  • Video exercise library with interchangeable exercises
  • Verified safe & healthy training methods
  • 25+ Coaches for 40+ Sports
  • Customizable nutrition plans will be offered to athletes

Wearable Technology for Athletes

  • Devices will be able to track athletes workout intensity during training and competition
  • Track & analyze progress of athletes’ training over time
  • Ability based workouts tracked by wearables
  • Increased recruiting exposure by providing more data to evaluate an athlete’s effort levels and work ethic
  • College coaches can more accurately project an athlete’s full potential using data
  • Axcess currently has 250+ wearable devices that can be integrated into our Axcess Coaching & Axcess Recruiting platforms

College Coach & Recruiter Monitoring

  • Provide coaches & recruiters an innovative and cost effective advantage in recruiting
  • Ability to sort through athletes based on objective workout data provided via wearable devices
  • Ability to virtually track an athlete’s progress to evaluate peak potential or potential future growth
  • An Axcess professionally designed psychological profile test to compare recruits to current players
  • Using benchmark data from their current players, coaches make wiser decisions on who they should recruit




Select the virtual training program that is best suited for you and your sport.



Utilize the sport-specific workouts built by championship winning strength coaches.



Training plans designed by championship winning coaches to help athletes both train & perform at their maximum level.



Opportunity to impress college coaches and recruiters all while gaining access to securing scholarships for college.

Market Analysis

Potential Market (25M)

Available Market (16M)

Target Market (7M)

Penetrable Market (4M)

Access to Market via Email List (1.33M)


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The Future of Axcess Coaching


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March – 2017

Secured $110,000 Seed Round From Two Angel Investors

June – 2017

Acquired Partnership w/ Evolution Nutrition

August – 2017

Acquired Partnership w/ Validic For Access To 425+
Wearable Devices & Integrations

August – 2017

Finished Top 1% Out of 40k+ Applicants For 2017 Shark Tank Show

September – 2017

Acquired Partnership w/ Student Athlete World International Tours

September – 2017

Acquired Partnership w/ USA Student Athlete World For 1.33M Athlete Email Database

September – 2017

Secured Nationwide Partnership w/ American Sports Medicine Institue (ASMI)

December – 2017

Acquired Partnership w/ Scholly Scholarship Platform

December – 2017

Acquired Partnerhship w/ BitDefender Virtual Security Company

February – 2018

Axcess Coaching Recruiting 1.0 Platform Developed & Ready For User Feedback

March – 2018

First Two Provisional Patents Filed & First Two Trademarks Filed

April – 2018

Axcess Coaching Mobile Apps Launched On Apple,
Andoid & Amazon App Stores

May – 2018

Secured $25,000 Seed Round From An Angel Investor

June – 2018

Online Social Media Ad Campaigns Launched (9 Total)

June – 2018

Finished Top 1% Out of 40k+ Applicants For 2018 Shark Tank Show

June – 2018

Secured 3x National Champion Softball, Golf & Cheerleading Strength Coach

June – 2018

Launched Version 2.0 of Axcess Coaching App

June – 2018

Secured 3x National Champion Lacrosse Strength Coach

July – 2018

Charles Kaelin Featured in Nashville Fit Magazine

July – 2018

Secured 7x World Record Holder Powerlifter Coach

July – 2018

Launching Version 3.0 of Axcess Coaching App

Team & Key Roles

David Ramsey


  • CEO of Elite Athletic Events
  • Co-Founder of Six1Five Sports Training
  • BSBA Finance, University of Arkansas
  • MS Sport Management & Administration, University of Tennessee
  • University of Arkansas Football Player (3 Years)
  • University of Arkansas Baseball Player (1 Year)
  • SEC Academic Honor Roll

Charles Kaelin


  • Co-Founder of the University of Tennessee Triathlon Club
  • Co-Founder of the Southeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (SECTC)
  • Former USA Triathlon Southeast Region Board Member (7 Years)
  • 6-Time Ironman Triathlon Finisher
  • Founder of (Largest Store ever built on
  • Lead Developer for Marketing Agency based in Nashville, Tn
  • B.A. in Communication Studies, Business Minor – University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Matt Bonvicin

Chief Technology Officer

  • Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of US Private Vaults
  • Founder of, Company Recently Acquired
  • Former President of the USA Triathlon Southeast Region Board of Directors (5 Years)
  • 2-Time Half-Ironman Triathlon Finisher
  • S.E.O. Consultant For International Companies
  • Cloud Architect, Full-stack Developer, Serial Entrepreneur

Chris Goehring

Lead Developer, Programs Manager

  • Founder & President of GoGo Web Development
  • Website developer w/ 18 Years of Experience
  • Client & Server Side Development Specialist
  • I.T. & Virtual Security Consultant
  • Former Lead Developer For Software Used By Kaiser & State of California Department of Justice
  • Former Softball State Champion Coach

Partners & Resources

American Sports Medicine Institute

Evolution Nutrition


USA Student Athlete World – International Tours